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BIKERs: Customized bike shoes

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Colour and Style

Colour of the sole

Colour of the laces

Add an extra lace: +1€

Add another extra lace: +1€


Add a text to the bike shoe at an additional cost of €10

Engraving options

Delivery in 7/10 calendar days



The new BIKERs bike shoes by PROOU are inspired by the classic bike shoes we have revived and updated for urban fashion. High-quality, handcrafted leather shoes customized for you in Barcelona, perfect for walking the city streets every day and showing your cycling attitude 365 days a year. You can choose the colour of the leather, the combination of the sole and the laces, and you can even add a text with your name, your club or a hashtag

Technical features

    • PROOU’s BIKERs bike shoes are handcrafted with high-quality leather and come with a pneumatic sole with fantastic grip, giving them a Mediterranean touch. Super comfortable thanks to the latex insole which moulds to fit your feet.

      The Reflex models come with a reflective membrane on the sides which can be seen in the holes. These models come with a lining so you can withstand lower temperatures, and it also helps with perspiration 

      The text is engraved using laser, and the visibility is quite low in Pink and Mustard leather.

Cyclist attitude 365 days a year

High quality leather sneakers made in Barcelona to walk the street every day,or commuting by bicycle and show your cycling attitude 365 days a year.

By master shoemaker Orestes Ribó

Handmade by master shoemaker Orestes Ribó. They incorporate a tire sole that has a very good grip and gives a Mediterranean touch

Breathable and comfortable

All models have a lining to withstand low temperatures and help perspiration. The latex insole adapts to the foot achieving great comfort.